In The Light

At its best camp is a community where everyone is welcome, cared for, and deeply valued. For 22 years Spirit in the Pines has been bringing this kind of community to life, and it has overflowed into the classrooms, sports teams, and families that our campers are a part of.

Our campers come from a variety of backgrounds across the west metro area, including fourteen different faith communities and six school districts. Spirit in the Pines quickly becomes a second home, and we even have campers flying back to come to camp from other states.

This will be my second summer as director, and I’m entering my second decade of managing camp and outdoor programs. From my vantage point, what makes Spirit in the Pines unique is the way it harnesses traditional camp activities to highlight the choice we all have every single day—to be kind, to be grateful, and to be honest and authentic. Our kids have lived through so much change during the pandemic, and they need spaces where they can truly step back, reflect, and practice living in this lighter way. This is why our theme for this summer is “In the Light.” Living lightly, or in the light, means that we can see others through the lens of unconditional love, and that we can always extend connection and care.

We are excited to launch into another full capacity summer this year! We offer 9 weeks of youth camps and family camps that host over 200 people each week. We are also eager to grow and expand the ways we can serve your communities and your families. To that end, we are reworking our registration process to best enable friends to attend together, debuting off season programs for families and groups, and working in a wider variety of camp activities for campers to opt into every week. These include a brand new boat house, crafting room, additional challenge course elements, and more quiet areas to read and rest. Please connect directly with me using my contact information below about your ideas and interests as we continue to grow as one big camp family! I am so excited to welcome you to camp this summer!